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Computer Forensics


For the recovery, authentication, and analysis of electronic data - - Digital forensics requires specialized expertise that goes beyond normal data collection and preservation techniques. PSPI Group has experienced computer forensic examiners on staff who are experts in the imaging and analysis of computer evidence using the most up-to-date hardware, software, and analytical techniques.
Electronic evidence can be collected from a range of sources within a company’s network; from an offender’s work station or server. PSPI Group computer forensics experts identify sources of evidence, preserve and analyze the evidence, and present their findings as expert witnesses in a court of law.
Electronic evidence is critical for both prosecution and defense of virtually any civil case. Outside of the courtroom, this evidence also can be a great asset for corporations investigating fraud, harassment, discrimination, misappropriation, and malfeasance.

PSPI Group provides pre-suit analysis, discovery, meditation, and testimony. We also provide expert consultation on a wide range of computer hardware, software, and operating systems.
PSPI Group also offers employers the opportunity to insure themselves by imaging outgoing employee’s hard drives. Employers can protect themselves from wrongful termination suits where electronic evidence might come be relevant. By immediately imaging and storing an employee’s hard drive at the time of termination, the employer can later have that image analyzed by our forensic examiners and find any activity that was performed on the computer that may have violated company policy or applicable laws.

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PSPI news

PSPI Group offers pre-employment searches and drug screenings. Employers are able to streamline their hiring process by placing just one call and choosing from a variety of services listed below.

Background & Drug Screen Package - Includes NYS DMV, Criminal, & Drug Screen

Drug Screening

Comprehensive Background Check - Includes SSN verification, DMV, Criminal Search, National Sex Offender Record, Federal Incarceration Record, Credit report

Criminal Background Only - NYS Office of Court Administration Search to include verification

DMV/Incarceration/Sex Offender Verification - Includes Federal & NYS State incarceration, NYS DMV & NYS Sex Offender Levels I & II searches

Credit Report w/ Authorization Release

NYS DMV/NYS Level I & II Sex Offender/National Sex Offender Search

Employment/Personal Reference/Education Verification

PSPI Group uses only the most accurate, up to date, and reliable sources to obtain the best results for our clients. We have access to records at the Federal, State and County level that provide the accurate information you need to make a logical and educated decision in your hiring practices.