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Corporate Investigations

Unfortunately, in today's world, white-collar crime continues to rise at an alarming rate. Although each of us acquires our work force in good faith and relies on the anticipated honesty of our employees, we sometimes find ourselves at the mercy of their actions. At PSPI Group we have a staff of professional investigators with the skills knowledge to protect your business and its assets.

With just the right mix of law enforcement and specialized investigators, we can meet any and all needs of your company. PSPI Group specializes in asset protection, asset recovery and loss prevention. Our large staff of investigators, able to cover large geographical areas when needed, can offer quick response time adn expert service.

Our technical investigators are skilled in computer knowledge with the ability to adapt and learn needed information that can be customized for your company. With that experience, we have developed a strong relationship with local, state, and federal law enforcement. Often state and federal laws can be used to recover losses without police involvement. We operate with the utmost discretion, keeping your internal matters just that, internal.

Often a mix of knowledgeable investigators and advanced equipment are needed to conduct an in depth or long term investigation within the client's corporate environment. PSPI Group is well equipped with covert surveillance technology that can be used to document dishonest activities as they happen, without alerting anyone to the fact that they are being monitored, as well as to reaffirm the trust you already have in staff members responsible for your company's funds and/or expensive equipment.

We can also provide accurate and in depth background investigations prior to hiring, after hiring and during the course of an investigation. For whatever your company's needs, loss prevention or recovery in the corporate arena, we have the resources and the knowledgeable personnel needed to meet them. Our initial consultation regarding your situation is free so your company's needs can be determined.

PSPI news

PSPI Group offers pre-employment searches and drug screenings. Employers are able to streamline their hiring process by placing just one call and choosing from a variety of services listed below.

Background & Drug Screen Package - Includes NYS DMV, Criminal, & Drug Screen

Drug Screening

Comprehensive Background Check - Includes SSN verification, DMV, Criminal Search, National Sex Offender Record, Federal Incarceration Record, Credit report

Criminal Background Only - NYS Office of Court Administration Search to include verification

DMV/Incarceration/Sex Offender Verification - Includes Federal & NYS State incarceration, NYS DMV & NYS Sex Offender Levels I & II searches

Credit Report w/ Authorization Release

NYS DMV/NYS Level I & II Sex Offender/National Sex Offender Search

Employment/Personal Reference/Education Verification

PSPI Group uses only the most accurate, up to date, and reliable sources to obtain the best results for our clients. We have access to records at the Federal, State and County level that provide the accurate information you need to make a logical and educated decision in your hiring practices.