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Workers' Compensation Investigations

By completing interviews with claimant's employers and witnesses, we provide our client with detailed information pertaining to the actual claim. This includes an in-person claimant interview which outlines all details regarding accident, injuries sustained, notification and subsequent medial treatment. The claimant's health history is also reviewed for potential apportionment. We can obtain signed or recorded statements, medical authorization forms and any other documents necessary to facilitate the claim. Personal interviews are also conducted with the employers detailing all known facts of the accident, including injuries sustained and notification. The claimant's personnel and medical records are reviewed for documentation of all prior accidents or injuries. The claimant's supervisor and any witnesses can be interviewed on all controverter claims.

Our office also conducts annual/bi-annual Alive & Well checks with claimants that receive long term or pension benefits. This includes an in-person direct interview with the claimant and the gathering of information from the neighbors if requested. We will verify the claimant's address, employment status, expectations on returning to work, daily activities, current disability/health status, the names of medical providers and frequency as well as verifying the benefits are being received on a timely basis. Alive & Well checks as well as more detailed Activity Check investigations can be done on a flat rate basis with all inclusive pricing.

Also available is a covert Activity Check investigation in which information is gathered from neighbors and/or sources from the claimant's community, as well as Internet background sources. This can be used as a tool to detect insurance fraud and assisting a claims representative to determine whether or not additional investigation or surveillance is warranted. Information gathered is to verify the residence of a claimant, document his employment status and/or daily activities. These investigations are also available with flat rate pricing.

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PSPI Group offers pre-employment searches and drug screenings. Employers are able to streamline their hiring process by placing just one call and choosing from a variety of services listed below.

Background & Drug Screen Package - Includes NYS DMV, Criminal, & Drug Screen

Drug Screening

Comprehensive Background Check - Includes SSN verification, DMV, Criminal Search, National Sex Offender Record, Federal Incarceration Record, Credit report

Criminal Background Only - NYS Office of Court Administration Search to include verification

DMV/Incarceration/Sex Offender Verification - Includes Federal & NYS State incarceration, NYS DMV & NYS Sex Offender Levels I & II searches

Credit Report w/ Authorization Release

NYS DMV/NYS Level I & II Sex Offender/National Sex Offender Search

Employment/Personal Reference/Education Verification

PSPI Group uses only the most accurate, up to date, and reliable sources to obtain the best results for our clients. We have access to records at the Federal, State and County level that provide the accurate information you need to make a logical and educated decision in your hiring practices.